Finally, the MOVIE
19 May

So, there's the movie of all days. See at VIMEO.

And more photos
5 May

Thanks to: Tomas Kafka and There are some new videos too from MTBOtube: Mixed relay and Open relay.

Thanks for coming
4 May

The World Cup is over, we hope you all got home safely and even got dry in the meantime. Here are some pictures taken by the organizers to remind you of the race: by Nagy Balázs and by Kocsik Árpád.

2 May

A clip of the Mass Start race:

Where have you gone?
1 May

GPS tracks of each day can be found here. Of course, only after the races and of those having unit. Great fun, anyway.

World Cup TL info online
30 April

Teamleaders' info online in the Bulletin section. This will also apply for other days.

B4 and start lists
28 April

Bulletin 4 is out, what's more, you can find startlists in the Lists menu.

28 April

Realising the relatively weak demand on pure women relay organisers changed W20 and W21 category to X20 and X21, respectively. The 3-runner teams must involve one woman, at least. [More]

Looking for team mates?
22 April

Relay teammate finder database is going to be created with this spreadsheet: Teamless bikers and incomplete relay teams, time to meet!

Are you listed?
21 April

All entries are in the organizing software now, so it's last chance to check wheather everything was according to your wish. See entries by club, by category, and separatley the relay. Any commnts to be sent to

Entries closed
21 April

All online entry possibilities are closed now. New ones and modifications are to be made via e-mail: New entries are accepted with +50% fee.

15 April

Courses seem to be ready. What'd you expect then? Let's give a short overview! [More]

World Cup entries closed
9 April

World Cup online entries are closed. Any modification is to be made via from now on. Other entries, such as for Hungarian and Checz Cup are still open till the deadline (20 April).

Hertz special offer
22 March

Need transport? Hertz offers special rental rates for the World Cup. See details here.

21 March

It was time to have a look at the terrain without snow. In a sunny spring day it was just as we expected: roads on the plateau fast as lightning, climbs as struggle as they meant to be. Meanwhile in the Event Centre a pig has died. [More]

Attention! Attention!
20 March

Bulletin 3 is out, take it while it's hot. Although it primarily aims the World Cup, it also carries lots of information for Hungarian and Czech Cup racers too.

Children are welcome
17 March

We respect families, therefore we will make a child care service. While parents are racing, somebody will look after the children. Moreover, a large public playground can be found right at the Finish area. Please write an e-mail to about your child care request with the age of the children, if interested.

11 March

Because that will be the only grocery store hereabout which is open on 1st and 3rd of May. 1st of May is a national holiday, only very small shops ran by the owner are allowed to work, and the "Gesztes Market" fulfils these criterias. [More]

From now on Cat "A" at normal price
2 March

Many teams took the advantage of the special price booking period of the Cat A accomodation. From now on you can book the houses - limited number - only for the normal price.

25 February

28 February is the final date of booking Cat A accomodation (Villapark Várgesztes) for sure and for the special price. From that day you can book only at normal price. 1 May is a national holiday in Hungary too, people like to move out for this long weekend, so the accomodations may get fully booked in a short time. [More]

Invitation in Czech
24 February

Since the event hosts one of the Czech Cup Serises, we uploaded the invitation in Czech for Czech participants and for all those who speak the language. Thanks to Jiří Vrany for the translation.

8 February

New catering options during the competition: the breakfast and the dinner as well as the halfboard in Villapark are available for those ones who do not stay overnight there.  [More]

24 January

Today a visit was paid to the terrain. In snowfall it was rather difficult to imagine biking here but it will pass. Until, it's rather picturesque, isn't it? [More]

Some changes in Bulletin 2
22 January

There are some changes in the Bulletin 2: meeting the request of the IOF we removed some parts from the bulletin and the fee structure had to be changed, as well. More details about it will be shared with you when the negotiation with the IOF are finished.

22 January

The top accommodation is offered by Villapark Várgesztes, situated right at the competition area in a quiet parkland. This is an attractive and affordable holiday resort with 125 holiday houses and numerous facilities: pools, sauna, bowling, massage, sports-ground, restaurant, dining-room. [More]

Online entry is up, Bulletin2 is out
12 January

Online entry is running now. It is the same we used in 2009-2012, so if you still remember your login data, you're welcome. If not, ask for your reminder. Bulletin 2 is also out today with lots of interesting details.

Hosted events
Iof World Cup round
Hungary Hungarian Cup round
Czech Czech Cup round
It's so close!
  • Only 1 hour from Budapest,
  • 1,5 hours from Bratislava,
  • 2 hours from Vienna,
  • 3,5 hours km from Zagreb,
  • 4,5 hours from Ljubljana,
  • and 4,5 hours from Prague.
Why Hungary?
  • This event aims to be the Grand Opening of the Central-European MTBO season.
  • Technical, demanding terrain offers excellent possibility for MTBO.