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How to use the entry system?

First you should decide if you are alone or represent a club:

If you are alone, you'd prefer individual entry. Here you can even add club as data, but these clubs never form groups, not even if the name is the same.

The other possibility is registering a club. As club, you will be able to handle more bikers at the same time.

Features of individual entry

Submitting individual entry brings up a rather complex form, of which only certain fields are mandatory (those in bold), and at least one etap must be entered for.

With individual entry also user access can be required. For this, you should fill the password block. The only limitations are that the password must be at least five characters long and password reminder should differ from the password itself (password reminder is used as name suggests: this is sent if password is forgotten). User access provides possibility for return and later modification of the entry.

Individual entry is inactive at the beginning, and it will change only if it is verified by the link sent via e-mail. This may look a bit inconvenient, but for security reasons we insist on having at least a verified e-mail address behind the entries. This also concerns the user, if required.

Features of club entry

For club entry first the club must be registered. Fill in the form, verify it by the link sent to you in e-mail and you can login.

At the beginning the club is 'empty' that means you have to add bikers first. This invokes a simple form that is rather self-explanatory, maybe the active flag requires explanation: inactive bikers cannot be entered.

A soon as your club has bikers, you can make club entry with the My entries menu. This handles two screens, first is list and account, the second provides a way of modification.

Login and logout

Login requires the e-mail address and the password given with the registration. After login, the user is indicated in the header together with the profile and the logout link.

Logout can be made by the link in the header or by closing the browser window. The system automatically performs logout if session times out (there is no activity in the browser window for a longer time).

If password is forgotten, you can ask the system to post the password reminder to the given e-mail address. Note, that this is not the password itself!


Profile handles user data. I.e. you can change password and give password reminder here.